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We provide superior health services in caring the health of individuals in the communities we serve. We devote our resources to delivering quality, safe, cost effective, socially responsible health care services.

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We provide the highest quality of service.We are committed to putting the patient first and quality is our passion. In the new world of health care, we want to anticipate the causes of illness and encourage healthy behavior for all who rely on us for service. We teach and encourage patients to participate in their care and to make well-informed decisions. We will be their advocate when they are most vulnerable. We measure our success by our patients’ satisfaction, their return to health and well-being, and our compassionate care for dying patients, their families and friends.

Dr. Mrunalini Kavuri, MD

Dr. Sabrina Mia, MD

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Joe SteinerJoe Steiner
09:32 24 Oct 23
Recently switched to Primary Care of Palm Beach under the care of Dr Mia. As a cliche guy being MD avoident this was not easy for me and I had a lot of appreciation - I am so glad I chose this spot!Dr Mia and all the staff were pleasant, professional and thorough. I felt truly heard and appreciated by everyone here. I was also able to stay on the same meds from my previous Doc which was a huge relief.
stanaica Charlesstanaica Charles
18:04 13 Oct 23
Everyone was very nice
Najla VogelNajla Vogel
15:35 09 Oct 23
Dr. Mia is so experienced and patient always takes her time never in rush. Staff and nurses are always very kind. I recommend them to anyone without a thought.
ashley vasquezashley vasquez
19:38 04 Oct 23
Dr. K has a wonderful beside manner, I don't feel like a number, it is nice to find a Dr that listens.
Priscilla DhanekulaPriscilla Dhanekula
14:35 04 Oct 23
Dr.Mia is really always nice, understand my concerns and caring of patient well-being. She is very professional. I alway get appointments at the time I need a quick visit. I would highly recommend anyone that need a primary care physician to reach Primary care of palm beach.
Harry DHarry D
13:55 04 Oct 23
Had an amazing experience with Dr. Kavuri! She provides exceptional care, always taking the time to listen and understand my concerns. Super approachable, very knowledgeable and genuinely caring. I’d recommend them to anyone without a second thought!
15:58 03 Jun 23
Dr. Mia is very patient and Professional and I would certainly recommend her to my family and friends.
Karen BayerKaren Bayer
20:36 08 Aug 20
Dr Kavuri,Dr Mia and there staff Alesysha,Bernice,Lisa and Cassie, whom are brave frontline workers and should be honored.Myself Karen and farther Richard Bayer are very thankful of them.Extra thank to Dr KavuriAlesysha,Bernice,Lisa ❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer PinaJennifer Pina
04:16 04 Feb 19
I am so happy I decided to use Primary Care of Palm Beach as my primary care provider. I knew from the moment I met Dr. Kavuri that she was not only a skilled physician, but also a caring person. She is truly holistic in her approach to care in that she considers my physical well being along with my mental and spiritual well being. I never feel rushed in the office. She takes time to examine me, talk to me, and answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend this office.
Elena MazzellaElena Mazzella
04:55 18 Jan 19
I was lucky enough to complete a rotation for Family Nurse Practitioner school at this medical practice. For any physician to take on teaching a student, they must be extremely confident in their abilities, skill, and knowledge. Dr. Mia and Dr. Kavuri are all of that and more. Both are incredibly kind, patient, and compassionate physicians. For a doctor who listens and truly cares, choose this practice. Also worth mentioning is both doctors have privileges at local hospitals, and routine labs can be drawn in the office which is extremely convenient. You will not be disappointed. Trust a nurse!
Camila HernandezCamila Hernandez
00:48 25 Aug 18
Okay, so first of all I want to start by saying that everybody in this office is extremely disrespectful. This afternoon my mother went to this urgent care with two elderly individuals, we are talking about 91 and 89 year old patients (couple). The 91 year old patient was taken inside on a wheelchair, with MY MOTHER driving it. I work in the medical field and I’m still studying to become a physician, how can in a place that is supposed to take care of your health, can’t even offer help? After my mom took the 91 YEAR OLD PATIENT, the wheelchair could not fit in the room, no one asked if help was needed, so while my mother was trying to figure out how to make the patient stand up, the Medical asistant kept stating: “okay sir, come on up step right here” WITHOUT OFFERING ANY HELP! He is 91 years old, he can’t walk properly! Can you at least hold the patients hand to go on the scale?? NO OF COURSE NOT! the patient can’t hear well either, so instead of going on the scale he heard: “put your pants down” and he did! And the medical assistant still did not say anything or helped him! His wife who is 89y/o was trying to do it, because they told my mother not to come in. If you are going to be in the medical field, make sure you want to help individuals, don’t make things worse!
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